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Issac Qureshi


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Issac Qureshi is a dynamic professional whose skills have helped him build the experience and knowledge that serve as the foundation for his career. Highly seasoned in areas like marketing, business, and finance, Issac Qureshi is a dedicated and persistent individual who loves to learn and grow, holding multiple degrees. Presently, Issac is thriving professionally in the financial industry in his dual-headed roles as Founder for both Ogilvy & Haart and Hemingway UAE.

Ogilvy & Haart is a strategic wealth solutions and taxation consultancy firm based out of London. Issac Qureshi founded the independent boutique firm in 2014, large enough to offer knowledgeable advice on a broad range of topics while remaining small enough to provide their clients with exceptional and highly personalised services. As a boutique firm, Issac knows the relationships that Ogilvy & Haart build with their clients are crucial to success. They offer investment planning, accountancy service, estate planning, and taxation strategy, providing guidance on financial decisions like education, taxes, investments, estate & inheritance, business, insurance, and wills.

While Ogilvy & Haart operates more as a taxation consultancy, Hemingway UAE serves as a hedge fund. Founded by Issac Qureshi in 2020, Hemingway UAE is a privately-owned wealth-focused investment firm managing, selling, and marketing funds to its private clients. The firm’s global reach and access to unique markets creates long-term wealth for their private clients. Issac Qureshi founded Hemingway UAE on a philosophy with four principles –

  1. Preparation
  2. Testing
  3. Investment
  4. Growth

– to ensure that every solution offered to clients is done so on a foundation of careful planning, implementation, and investment in the client relationship. Currently, Hemingway has three locations in London, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Issac Qureshi got his professional start back in 1992 when he graduated from Bury Grammar School and began his higher education. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Social & Economic History from Liverpool University in 1995. From there, he earned his Institute of Direct Marketing Diploma from Manchester University and then his Master’s Degree in Marketing from Canterbury University in Canada in 2003. He has worked previously as an Account Executive, Senior Account Manager, Account Director, and Group Account Director. Additionally, he worked as Chief Executive Officer at Urban Logic Ltd., Managing Director at CREATION ADM, and Chief Executive Officer at LAKAS Investments PLC.

Learn more about coaching, leadership, and professional development from Issac Qureshi by visiting his blog page and his taxation and hedge fund site!

Past Positions

Hemingway UAE

2020 – Present

Issac Qureshi founded Hemingway UAE, a Hedge Fund and Wealth Investment Firm in 2020, where he specializes in globally sourced unique investment opportunities for the firm’s private clients.

Ogilvy & Haart

2014 – Present

In 2014, Issac Qureshi founded Ogilvy & Haart, a strategic wealth management and taxation consultancy firm based in London, offering solutions geared towards managing risk.

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